Precautions at CF&S Poland regarding risks related to coronavirus


In view of the health of all our employees, guests and business partners, in a situation of increasing epidemiological threat associated with coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken preventive measures recommended by The World Health Organization and the Polish Government by establishing a restriction of contact and organizing a remote work from home.

Taking into account the anticipated escalation of the further spread of the virus and the introduction of further preventive measures in our environment, and in order to ensure the continuity of co-operation with the customers, the employees of CF&S Poland are redirected to work at home.


The contact of e-mail and telephone will be fully maintained, thus from the natural delays resulting from the technical aspects of remote work, nothing changes in this topic for the customers.

The only obstacle for our clients may be the form of transmission of all paper documentation. In this case, please note that post mail will be collected with a delay of 1x per week or for 2 weeks depending on the situation in the country. This, of course, may cause some delays in the document acceptance cycle.

We thank You in advance for Your understanding and co-operation in working together to ensure the continuity of our services while maintaining the health and life of all of us and our loved ones.


CF&S Poland Management Board