VAT White List


In connection with the amendment to the tax regulations, our liabilities to suppliers with a Polish tax identification number, if the value of a single banking transaction exceeds PLN 15,000 gross (also when paying foreign currency accounts), should only be paid to the supplier’s corporate (business) bank account stated in the electronic register of entrepreneurs provided by the head of the National Tax Authorities (KAS), the so-called White List of VAT payers.

In the event that the bank account indicated for the transfer on your VAT invoice will not appear in this register on the day of the transfer, our company as a taxpayer will not be entitled to include the given expense in tax costs. In this case, the payment will be suspended until the relevant number of your bank account is in the White Paper.

Therefore, in order to secure the timeliness of our payments for your services, please make sure that your bank accounts indicated on VAT invoices appear on the White List.

Below is the link to the website where you can check it:

In case if your bank account number is not listed on the White List, please immediately report this account to the Tax Office.