International Quality Day



Taking the opportunity that November 14th is the International Quality Day, we asked CF&S Group employees in Poland the question - What does the Quality mean for each of us and why is it important for our company?

Piotr Krawiecki, Managing Director and CEO at CF&S Poland, commented as follows: "Quality is not only the level of satisfying the needs of our customers but is also the perception of the company by its subcontractors and employees. Of course, good quality means high KPI’s, but above all it is our chance for success, gaining competitive advantage and further development".

According to the Polish National Business Register - REGON, as at 31/10/2019, there were 277.661 business entities registered in Poland operating in transport, forwarding and logistics sector.

Approximately 99.7% of them are the companies like our, i.e. employing less than 50 employees in Poland.

Being a new player on the Polish market, CF&S must consistently build its competitive advantage based on high quality services in order to ensure a further development. "That's why we employ experienced specialists who create our unique quality day by day," – adds Piotr Krawiecki.


What does quality mean for other people in CF&S Poland?

Sara Jędrasiewicz, Sea and Rail Transport Specialist: "For me, the quality of the services I offer is particularly important, because I realize that we are not a production company and our final product is not "tangible". Therefore, the greatest ennobler is when a customer calls me with a typical or unusual question and says that he has a certain problem and therefore immediately thought about me, because I will definitely find a solution. That's why I know that my services are at the highest level and the client shows confidence in my knowledge and experience. This is how relationships have been built up during the years. Of course, the quality is not measurable, but the customers easily define whether a given service was of a high standard or whether they will not come back to us anymore."

Bartosz Nowakowski, Road transport Business Development Manager said: "For me quality means an added value to our services. In my opinion, we can win more business by a providing good service rather than a low price."

Dariusz Makaruk, Sea and Rail Transport Specialist: "Working in forwarding I have learned that quality in transport is, among others serving expert knowledge, keeping a word, keeping the client informed and readiness to solve problems even outside our standard business hours. By maintaining the right quality in customer service, we can stand out from the competition."