New BIC code for payments to CF&S Poland Sp. z o.o.


New BIC code (SWIFT address) PPABPLPKXXX for payments to CF&S Poland Sp. z o.o. to accounts in BNP Paribas Polska S.A.

Please be kindly reminded that as of November 9, 2019 the BIC code (SWIFT address) RCBWPLPWXXX of our Bank BNP Paribas Polska S.A. will be deactivated in SWIFT database and other databases used by banks worldwide and will be replaced by the target code PPABPLPKXXX

Therefore, we ask all our customers transferring foreign payments and domestic currency payments to our bank accounts held by our Bank to specify the target a new BIC code (SWIFT address) PPABPLPKXXX in their payment orders.

Please also note that the target BIC code (SWIFT address) PPABPLPKXXX can be used to settle your payments already now - all payments received by the Bank with this BIC code will be settled accordingly.

The numbers of our accounts in the bank BNP Paribas Poland Sp. z o.o. remain unchanged.