Polish branch of Estonian CF&S


CF&S (Chartering, Forwarding & Ship’s Agents), the largest private owned Transport Forwarding & Logistics Group in Estonia, a part of the BMLG (Baltic Maritime Logistics Group) has decided to open a branch in Poland as from June 2018.

A position of the CEO and managing director of CF&S Poland Sp. z o.o. was granted to Piotr Wojciech Krawiecki who has extensive experience in the polish TFL industry. Piotr recently managed DSV Road in Poland and before Pekaes Multi-Spedytor.

Piotr will be responsible for development of road, rail and container services as well as the Project Cargo.

CF&S Poland is the eight branch of the CF&S and the fifth in the EU. The company is registered in Warsaw.

Below some useful information:

CF&S Poland Sp. z o.o.

Customer Service: Piękna 24/26A, PL 00-549 Warszawa

Tel: +48 22 300 52 40 GSM: +48 577 07 26 10 E-mail: cfs@cfs.pl

KRS: 0000734056 NIP: 7010825059 REGON: 380380028

Share capital: 250.000 PLN FFL insurance: 370.000 EUR

Bank Accounts:

IBAN for PLN: PL781750001200000000 3986

IBAN for EUR: PL3417500012000000003986